A Guide to Zoophilia

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Zoophilia, also known as bestaility, is the sexual attraction of a human to a non-human. It is not to be confused with animal cruelty. Zoophiles have an extreme love for their animals that is often said to resemble that of other love relationships.

Zoophilia in the Law

Zoophilia is illegal in many jurisdiction. Most outlaw the mistreatment of animls without specifically mentioning zoosexuality. Over half of U.S. states, explicitly outlaw zoophilia under the name of sodomy.

Six states recently adopted new legislation against bestiality. Some states still have their original laws on bestiality. In most European unions zoophilia is legal.

Sodomy in California is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison of not less than one year. Sodomistic intercourse with animals has, also, been removed from the list of criminal sexual offenses in France, Belgium, Italy, and Portugal. Such cases are now dealt with under indecency and animal cruelty regulations and are most likely to receive a prison sentence.

Zoophilia as a Lifestyle

Seperate from those whose interest is curiousity are those who view zoophilia as lifestyle. Zoophilia is commonly reported as starting around the onsed of puberty, age 9-11. Those who discover an interest later in life, usually, trace it back to that time period in life.

Lifestyle zoophiles often share some or all of the following common traits:
1. Some form of social individualism
2. An emotional respect for animals
3. Belief that animals and humans are not so different in many ways
4. A sense that humans can be deceptive and manipulative
5. A "romantic" nature, the desire to have a bond for life and a partner to devote oneself to fully
6. Above average feelings of empathy
7. Loneliness, as others of like kind are hard to find
8. An open view of sexuality
9. A higher proportion than average of zoophiles appear to be engaged is work for animal welfare

Lifestyle zoophiles often experience the biggest isssues of their chosen life as the inability to be open or accopted in their relationships. This is not usually religion oriented, as many zoophiles find religion and zoophile to be compatible. Another difficulty is the loss of love ones, in a world that dismisses animals as secondary species.


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